5 Best Coffee Spots in Riverside

Support local coffee shops! Dunkin and Starbucks are fine, but not in Riverside where there are GREAT local options (and cheaper too!). Here is a list of the Top 5 coffee shops in the Riverside neighborhood of Jacksonville, Florida.

How do you rate coffee shops you may ask? I’m by no means a coffee snob so let’s set expectations that my knowledge of latte’s with cool designs or pour over coffee methods is lacking. I judge based on what the average person might appreciate about a coffee shop:

  • Coffee (taste and price)
  • Food options
  • Vibe/Ambiance
  • X factor – their defining characteristic

#5: Cool Moose Cafe

Cool Moose Cafe

A staple in the Riverside community, Cool Moose Cafe has been a steady breakfast and lunch spot that has stood the test of time in an ever-changing neighborhood dynamic. Established in 1998 at the corner of Park and King Streets, ‘The Moose’ is still a crowd favorite, especially for brunch on the weekend. 

As far as coffee shops go, Cool Moose is less sophisticated than the other spots on this list. Classic breakfast meals (pancakes, breakfast sandwiches, and eggs Benedict) are served all day accompanied by a bottomless hot coffee bar. There are various coffee flavors such as blueberry or vanilla. If you’re looking for a basic hot breakfast, friendly service, and unlimited coffee… than this is your place.

Average Price for Coffee: $2.25
X Factor: Bottomless coffee bar, ‘down home’ friendly service and a tested neighborhood spot.
Address: 2708 Park St, Jacksonville, FL 32205
Hours: Tues-Fri 7am-3pm; Saturday 8am-4pm; Sunday 8am-2pm; Closed Monday.

#4: Southern Roots Filling Station

Southern Roots Filling Station

Calling all Vegans… and anyone else who likes good food! Southern Roots Filling Station is a vegan-friendly cafe that serves delicious and healthy food options. Personally, I like their ‘Bagel #1’ which is tofu egg salad with shakti cream cheese, sprouts, and krout (pictured below). The avocado toast, garlic cheezy biscuits, ‘the turtle’ and cookie sammys are also amazing. They have sweet and savory daily specials so the menu is always changing. Ordering might be intimidating at first, but just try something! You can’t go wrong.

Their signature coffee drink is the Black Panther, which is a Cortado (spanish expresso with milk) and dark chocolate chips on the bottom. YUM. If you get an iced coffee, it is very smooth and served in a mason jar. The other cool part about SRFS is that it is a ‘nano grocery store’. You can buy organic nuts, spices, herbs, seeds, and grains in bulk. Since they just expanded into the space next door, their eating area is comfortable and clean. Their hours aren’t super convenient for on your way to work, but Saturdays and weekday lunches are worth checking out for a unique and healthy experience.

Average Price for Coffee: $3.25
X Factor: Vegan-friendly and a Nano Grocery Store
Address: 1275 King St, Jacksonville, FL 32204
Hours: 8am-5pm (Tues-Friday). 9am-5pm Saturday/Sunday. Closed Monday.

#3: Bakery Ribault

Bakery Ribault

This French bakery has the best croissants in town. Baked fresh that morning, the croissants are buttery, airy, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Some even have chocolate baked in. So good! Bakery Ribault just opened their new location in Five Points on Lomax Street. The new storefront is charming with front deck seating that leads into a comfortable dining area with 8 tables. 

Baked in-house each morning, they have a display of fresh bread, pastries, and coffee cake to choose from. They are open for lunch as well serving paninis and pressed sandwiches. As for coffee, I really like their Ethiopian iced coffee. It tastes a bit creamier to me and has a pleasant aftertaste. Hint: You can try one for free if you order ahead on Yelp.

Lastly, every time I start to walk out of the bakery, the owner Alex always says, “Thank you for coming”. Maybe it is because I always go early and they aren’t packed yet, but it is nice touch that does not go unnoticed. This bakery is a sleeper pick in Riverside and you won’t be disappointed to give it a try.

Average Price for Coffee: $3.00
X Factor: Fresh croissants, Ethiopian coffee, and gracious owner
Address: 813 Lomax St, Jacksonville, FL 32204
Hours: 7am-3pm Tues-Friday; 8am-6pm Saturday; Closed Sunday/Monday

#2: Bold Bean Coffee Roasters

Bold Bean Coffee

Established in 2011, Bold Bean was the first craft coffee bar in Riverside and has a true neighborhood feel. All the patrons seem to know each other. The original exposed brick walls and wooden rafters give it a homey vibe that makes you want to stay all day. I’m pretty sure the catchy music they play is from Pandora’s ‘coffee house’ station and the free WIFI makes it a great place to get some work done.

The coffee options are really solid… sustainably sourced, locally roasted, and mouthwatering. I love their cold brew and I find it a bit stronger than other places I’ve tried. Of course, they make their simple syrup in-house. The dirty Chai latte and pour-overs are addicting as well. To compliment their coffee, they serve fresh and creative seasonal pastries made by Knead Bakery such as ham & Gruyere croissants, tomato pies, and orange-chocolate scones. Delicious! Lastly, because of their long hours, they also have a steady rotation of quality craft beers on tap. Bold Bean is a can’t-miss. 

Average Price for Coffee: $2.50
X Factor: Excellent coffee and fresh pastries options, long hours, and neighbor bar ambiance
Address: 869 Stockton St, Jacksonville, FL 32204
Hours: Mon-Fri 6.30am-10pm; Saturday 7am-10pm; Sunday 7am-6pm

#1: BREW Five Points

Brew Five Points

Located right on Park Street in Five Points, BREW never disappoints as the ultimate craft coffee and beer bar. But first, the food. Their menu consists of savory kolaches (soft dough balls stuffed with sausage, jalapenos, cheese, or other amazing ingredients) and breakfast tacos. They also have their specialty ‘toasts’, like the Basic B#tch – toasted bread with watermelon radish slices, miso butter, avocado, chili oil and sea salt. My favorite is the breakfast sammy – your choice of kolache, cheese, bacon, and chipotle mayo (both pictured below). Food is on point!

The coffee is great too. Again, I like the cold brew with simple syrup but they have drip coffee, lattes and cappuccinos as well. They also serve up unique beer cocktails like the Brewmosa (orange juice and wheat beer) or their original Hipster Speedball (cold brew mixed with a stout). Lastly, they have a great beer selection with a couple rotating taps and a robust can/bottle assortment.

It is notable to mention the artwork as well. The walls are adorned with a rotating collection of paintings from local artists so always something new to check out. Their bathroom design is a bit discombobulating but adds to their charm (try it out and you’ll see). Whether you want coffee/beer (which is their free WIFI password), delicious food, or a good atmosphere, this place is incredible.

Average Price For Coffee: $3.00
X Factor: Location, coffee/beer selection, location, and unique breakfast food.
Address: 1024 Park St, Jacksonville, FL 32204
Hours: Mon – 7.30am-4pm; Tues/Wed – 7.30am-10pm; Thurs/Fri 7.30am-12pm; Sat 9am-12pm; Sun 9am-9pm

Have you tried any of these places? Do you have a favorite local coffee spot in Riverside that I didn’t include? 

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