Hi! I’m Matt and I have a passion to see new places and meet new people.

It could be the newest restaurant next to my house in Jacksonville, FL or a Trappist monk brewery on the other side of the planet. My adventures range from popular destinations to remote journeys off the beaten path.

The Goal of The Drinking Tourist: To educate and inspire people to explore the amazing places this world has to offer by way of a brewery, vineyard, or distillery.

So far I’ve visited more than 20 countries and over 80 cities. Traveling has changed my views on the world and opened my eyes to all kinds of new experiences and people. My hope is that I can take you with me on this journey and inspire you to travel somewhere you’ve never been.

**Perhaps by travelling, you’ll appreciate where home is for you that much more 🙂

Travel. Meet People. Change your World.

Hope you enjoy. Cheers!


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