Flytrap Brewery Review

Flytrap Brewery in located in downtown Wilmington, 3 blocks from Front Street. As you walk-in, you are immediately greeted with smell the hops and some really cool wall decor. They had guitar-like instruments made from cigar boxes, tea boxes, hat boxes, etc hanging on the walls which were interesting as well as REAL Flytrap Plants, which apparently is uniquely indigenous to Wilmington. Also noteworthy was the bowling-style shuffle board. I’ve never see one of these before, but it was awesome and all four of us could play at one time. They had an underwhelming back patio area that contained a couple picnic tables. It is my opinion that they could do a lot more with that space (corn hole, games, fire pit, etc), but it wasn’t really built out yet. Pictures below.

Unfortunately, the decor was the best part of this brewery. The beer was disappointing. We tried the Petite Saison, Dubbel, Red, and Stout. Honestly, I can’t recommend any of these. The saison was light-bodied and didn’t have much flavor at all. The dubbel was strong, but nowhere near the quality/taste of a Victory Golden Monkey, much less a Trappist brew. The stout was traditionally dark in color and light in how it sits – again, nothing to write home about. The 2 red beers they had on tap were their self-proclaimed best brews. Both lackluster. Flytrap Brewing has a good concept, location and facility, but the beers left me wanting. I’d give it a C+ overall and hope that they continue to experiment with new brews and building out their facility.

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